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International Reviewers
Professor Dr. Yunas Samad

Professor Dr. Yunas Samad

Professor Dr. Yunas Samad is an emeritus Professor of the University of Bradford. Dr. Samad did his PhD from St Antony’s College Oxford. He is an expert on South Asia, Race, Ethnicity and has written numerous books on the mentioned subjects.

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Francesca Manenti

Graduated in International and European Politics at Cattolica University of Milan in 2012, she took a master’s degree in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence at SIOI (Italian Society for International Relations) in Rome. In 2013, she entered Ce.S.I. as intern and then she has gained experience through the fellowship program. Now she is the Senior Analyst in charge for Asia and Pacific affairs at the Institute and author of publications on subject of her expertise. She teaches at the Carabinieri Officer School, at the Centre for Specialized Training of the Italian Financial Police and at the Course for Analysts organized by the Institute.

A image of Kees van der Geest (PhD) is a human geographer

Van der Geest, Kees

Kees van der Geest (PhD) is a human geographer who studies the impacts of climate change, human mobility, environmental change, adaptation, livelihood resilience and rural development. Key features of his work are the people-centred perspective and the mixed-method approach combining quantitative and qualitative research tools. His work has contributed substantially to expanding the empirical evidence base on migration-environment linkages and impacts of climate change beyond adaptation (“loss and damage”).

National Reviewers

Dr. Maria S. Effendi

 Dr. Maria S. Effendi is currently Assistant Professor at Peace and Conflict Studies department at the National Defense University, Pakistan. She is expert on the South Asia (Conflict Resolution), Ethnic Conflict and is also a Certified Mediator trained by Prof. Johan Galtung.

a image of Dr. Imran Ashraf

Dr. Imran Ashraf

Dr. Imran Ashraf is a distinguished scholar in the field of International Relations. He is currently teaching as an Assistant Professor at National Defense University, Pakistan. His expertise includes Foreign Policy, Political Economy, Federalism and Conflict Resolution.

Dr. Amanullah Khan

Dr. Amanullah Khan

Dr. Amanullah Khan is a Lecturer at the National Defence Univeristy, Pakistan. He is an expert on the Hybrid warfare, Terrorism and Extremism, Peacebuilding, South Asian Studies and Middle East.

Dr. Gulshan Majeed

Dr. Gulshan Majeed

Dr. Gulshan Majeed is currently Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Punjab.