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Livelihood of People: Sustainable Conurbations

November 24, 2021

The Human Security has organized an event on the title “Livelihood of people: Sustainable Conurbations” in Serena hotel on November 24, 2021. A wide array of stakeholders from housing society, builders and developers have participated in the event. The event was based on the Sustainable Development Goal 11 in order to advocate the importance of sustainable cities and communities in Pakistan. In the event, new chairman of THSI Maj. Gen. Dr Muhammad Samrez Salik (Retd) has taken his charge officially. In addition, THSI has inaugurated the Center for Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 in order to work with more focus and standardized manner. While giving the welcoming remarks at the event, the DG THSI Rafique Ahmed Qureshi shed light on the importance of planned cities by targeting the quantitative data showing the population settlement problems and slums in the big cities. The Chairman THIS Maj. Gen Dr M Samrez Salik (Retd) has also underscored that shelter is one of the basic needs of human beings and in Pakistan, lack of development in rural areas has increased the population flux in the urban areas. He proposed that the developmental programs should be organized and must include the rural areas as well.  During the proceedings, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs of State Mr. Ali Muhammad Khan has explicit the upcoming legislations on the sustainable accommodations for the general public. All the speakers in the event have given several policy suggestions for the betterment of communities in Pakistan. An informal discussion continued on the dinner and the event ended with the annual celebrations of THSI via mua social night in which two singers Shahzaman and Awais Niazi participated.

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