Middle East Youth Summit 2023 28 Feb-4 March Makkah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Middle East Youth Summit 2023 28 Feb-4 March Makkah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

28 Feb-4 March

Middle East Youth Summit 2023 is the first of kind summit initiated by Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB) held in holy city of Makkah form 28th Feburary-4th March. It envisaged to gather young Muslim leaders from around the world to find solutions to the contemporary problems faced by Muslim world.

Muslim Leaders from Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Singapore, Brunei Dar ul Islam, and Uzbekistan participated in the Summit. CEO ZEKAB and DG The Human Security Institute, Rafique Ahmed Qureshi represented Pakistan in the Summit.

Participants voiced their concerns on economic, environmental, educational, health, natural calamities, and human security issues facing by Muslim World. They call for appropriate measures required to be taken in order to address these challenges. The young muslin leaders also share their positive and directional contributions into their respective countries and communities. All participants unanimously believe that Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) should provide a common platform to Muslim youth and spearhead in addressing these issues.

During the Summit, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Jeddah, Ambassador Eko Hartono deliberated upon the key role of OIC for Muslim countries. He appreciated the efforts of organizers and contributions of Muslim leaders in the Summit

CEO ZEKAB International, and Director General of The Human Security Institute (THSI), Rafique Ahmed, in his address brought the attention of the summit towards the state of Human security in Muslim world in general and economic security in specific.

Chief Operating Office of YBB, M. Aldi subakti stresses the importance of realising generation of the youth who have good spiritual, intellectual, and emotional integrity, and are able to develop their potential to answer the challenges of global life in all fields to contribute in building the nation together During proceedings of the Summit MoU is clinched between ZEKAB and YBB for future meaningful collaboration. In this backdrop Rafique Ahmed Qureshi while addressing the audience stated “We believe the economic strength is the solution of many issues among Muslim countries, and we should motivate and encourage Muslim youth for global connections and exposures to cooperate beyond borders”. Hence ZEKAB and YBB join hands together to work jointly for the cause of uplifting the Muslim youth and support them to become entrepreneurs and create jobs in their respective communities. For this, ZEKAB can provide constructive platform and effective bridge amongst Muslim countries to establish some entrepreneurial development activities jointly between Indonesia and Pakistan, including its presence in Hong Kong, China, and UAE.

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